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Feb 1, 2017

Adonia and Alex talk about what they're watching and their experiences at the two biggest women's marches in the U.S. Media include: The Parent Trap, The OA, Hidden Figures, Moonlight, La La Land, and more!

Dec 26, 2016

Did you think you were going to get another present today? Well you are in luck! Adonia and Alex are hanging out discussing things that didn't come out in 2016, their favorite Christmas movies, and who they wish would be visited by three ghosts on Christmas Eve.

Happy Holidays all!


Nov 13, 2016

Adonia and Alex welcome trivia host, highbrarian, and instagrammer Rinna Rem to talk about E.T., Terminator, Citizenfour, and more time travel fun. NOTE: This was recorded before the election news as you will notice at the end. We decided against releasing an episode of us screaming for 50 minutes straight even if that is what we might feel now. Releasing as episode with 3 Nasty Women felt more important.

Stay strong, everyone, and don't loose your urge to FIGHT!

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Oct 1, 2016

Alex and Adonia have special guest, Ben Rhiger, on to talk about films and TV set in Portland and the Pacific NW. Ben's family has been in Portland for 5 generations. He grew up in Portland and has been part of family band, Sky in the Road, for the last couple. Listen to them talk about the beauty of Twilight, the terror of watching horror as a child, and of course wtf's wrong with Portlandia!

Tour Dates and Info about Ben's family band, Sky in the Road, and be found here:

For info on today's studio, Medicine Whistle Studio, can be found here:

TW: brief mentions of rape and explicit sex in movies in TV

Aug 25, 2016

Meet Adonia and Alex! Join them on an adventure through the Warner Brothers Studio where they meet icons Bugs Bunny, Ronald McDonald, and Scrooge McDuck... or do they??